Construction starts

On October 31, 1919, construction for the ‘Vierde Ambachtschool’ started, and an iconic piece of architecture arose in Amsterdam. The design of the building was done by A.J. Hulshoff, head of the Bureau of the City Architect, who incorporated the typical elements of art deco and the characteristics of the architectural movement Amsterdam School in every detail.

The official opening

On September 9, 1924, the ‘Vierde Ambachtschool’ was officially, but modestly, opened. No press, no crowds. Only two speeches and a tour for a select group of guests. Nevertheless, the opening was received with great enthusiasm, describing this piece of architecture as a true pièce de résistance!

Royal visit

To highlight the importance of industrialization and the role of well-trained workers, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard visited the Ir. W. Maas Geesteranusschool at the Postjesweg 1 on October 26, 1949. This royal visit also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the school.

A culinary future

School days are long over for Het Sieraad. Now, this monumental building in Amsterdam West is the location for parties and gatherings with famous recurring events like Edelwise. Since 2019, catering group Daalder Culinair has been renting out several event spaces of Het Sieraad. And in 2021, restaurant Daalder* by Dennis Huwaë moved in, making events in Het Sieraad more delicious than ever.

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